Thursday, July 19, 2018

Cosmic on West Temple

Thanks to Jane, we have this pic of the Cosmic Aeroplane during its stay on West Temple.  All is gone, now, urban renewal has supplanted this building with some very modern stuff.  Too bad Gracie's wasn't nearby during the Cosmic years...

Friday, June 22, 2018

Arts Fest Relief

Well, it's arts fest time again.  Last year, I noticed a new trend, and a new way to "support" the arts, by giving a crap!  Yep, I found out I could sponsor a PortaPotty! and get a fun plaque on the potty announcing the sponsorship.  This year I noticed several clever plaques.  Note:  you need to click on the pics until they reach full size to read the plaques.

The first was a marriage proposal!

And a tribute to our liquor commission...

A nod to John Oliver and one of his This Week Tonight skits...

A great idea for our Prez' legacy...

Finally, the best..  and biggest!  

Can't wait for next year...  and more clever PortaPotties!

Tuesday, May 22, 2018

Palm Springs Film Noir Festival

Several years have gone by since I've attended, but I finally got to the latest Palm Springs Film Noir Festival.  A great lineup this year, including several rarities, including "Larceny", with Shelly Winters doing a great femme fatale role.  On Mother's Day, how appropriate for film noir, we were presented with Richard Widmark's crazed role tying up a mother in her wheelchair and pushing her down the stairs...  oh, how the audience howled, moaned, and even laughed...  we noiristas are so jaded...   Check out "Kiss of Death".  And the famous wheelchair scene...

The weekend was appropriately summarized by this T-shirt (from "Hollow Triumph").

Wednesday, April 25, 2018

Taco, Taco

Our new favorite eating place (actually it's been around for awhile)...  Absolutely delicious tacos (I recommend the Al Pastor), plus a few other Mexi eats as well.  Not an elaborate menu, they keep it simple, street taco style, add some condiments as you please.  A small place, often crowded, but outside seating as the weather warms, and well done take-out.  Prices are very reasonable.  And I kinda like their social sympathies...

Monday, April 9, 2018

Dynaco Lives!

Since the late 60's, I've always enjoyed Dynaco audio gear.  When I made a little money around 1965, I bought the now classic Stereo 70 amp and PAS-3 preamp kits, tube sound upgraded with Van Alstine mods in the 90's (more in another post).

Recently I completed upgrades on the 1970's Dynaco solid state components, a PAT-5 preamp (already at the BI-FET stage) and an older Stereo 120 amplifier I bought used for $20.  The upgrades came via Update My Dynaco, and they are extensive.  The PAT-5 involved a new power supply board and gold plated jack field.

The Stereo 120 was more involved.  Basically, the old amp was stripped internally and a new power supply and new amplifier modules installed.  The modules are based on the LM3886 chip amplifier, which seems quite popular with amp builders.  An LED power meter was added to the cover.

Of course, newly updated components require new speakers!  I've always wanted Wharfedale Diamond 225s, speakers that are very highly rated for sound quality and at a very reasonable price.  For source material, I've collected a number of 24/96 sound files, along with some CD quality test music I've always thought sounded great.  The files are loaded onto a iPod touch and fed via Lightning digital connection to an Oppo HA-2 DAC (under the iPod).  Then analog to the PAT-5.

I added my old FM-5 which continues to work just fine, although who listens to FM radio anymore(!?)   But, along with the Stereo 120 LED meter, I get some glowing and some flashing lights...  real cool!

Finally, the whole system sounds great!  I'm thoroughly enjoying listening to this combo, and get great pleasure from old audio component friends newly revived and performing so well.  Thanks to Dan Joffe at Update My Dynaco.

Flash!  Dan has just announced new line cards for the PAT-5...  just after I finished with the last mods!  Oh, well, at some point I'll want to fire up the old soldering iron...