Thursday, September 22, 2011

It's a Jungle Out There

This Turtle Bay Resort is actually quite amazing. Besides all the beach and coastline, there are two major golf courses carved out of the pristine jungle. Maybe not so cool, but at least the resort left huge areas of the jungle for trails and exploration. I took off on one of those trails yesterday and had a great time.

I started out fighting the sand along the shoreline until I had a great view back to the main resort. Also found another sleeping seal. Oh, and some amazing tree roots exposed by the pounding surf.

As I got around to Protection Point, I found this old WWII bunker... somehow I don't think this bunker, as our first line of defense, was going to keep the mongol hordes out of Hawaii.

From here, I plunged into the "jungle"... I didn't get attacked by boa constrictors or wild hogs, but it was cool.

Side trails brought me back to the shoreline... I surprised a trio of bikinied babes who thought they had found a secluded beach.

At another side trail I got a good perspective of Kawela Bay.

Back in the jungle, I found some amazing trees... First, an ancient Banyon, then a lonely palm in the midst of all the other foliage, and some other interesting but unidentified trees.

Returning to the resort, I also noticed these curious conifers... and some beautiful flowering bushes.

And after a long hike, nothing like a beer...

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