Friday, November 9, 2012

Travels With Lacey--Mullin Auto Museum

I'd read about the Mullin Automotive Museum several times, but it's location, and the fact that it is open only on Saturdays (if at all) made it difficult to visit.  Thankfully a good friend of Lacey's is the owner's sister-in-law, and her husband helped arrange a special tour.  That's the good news...

The bad news was, due to construction, most of the rare cars were covered as protection.  So another visit will be in order.  But more good news, not only does the museum display cars from the 20's and 30's (primarily Bugattis), but there are also very nice displays of art deco furniture and other period artifacts.  Apparently Carlo Bugatti was also a furniture designer.  (if you click on the pics, you'll get a larger image, and can even expand the image to read the print).

A couple era posters and an interesting sculpture...

The museum is dedicated primarily to the discovery, purchase, restoration, and display of the classic Bugatti mark.  While most of the cars are restored, a couple have remained in found condition for display purposes.  One is the "barn find", another was hauled up from a lake in Switzerland.

Upstairs were some more recent Bugattis, produced by new companies trying to maintain the Bugatti image.  Here's a rare example, amazing!

Although it is difficult to visit, due to location and limited hours, the Mullin Museum is absolutely fabulous!  ... one of the finest museums of its kind, and a wonderful example of Art Deco design in all its aspects.  I'm sure it will also continue to grow (there are quite a few cars stored elsewhere).  And special exhibits will enhance its value to the car buff and art appreciator.  

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