Friday, March 4, 2011

Josh Payne's Guitar Amp

Last night was the SLAJO CD release party down at the Urban Lounge. Opening act was the Joshua Payne Orchestra. While Joshua set up his gear, I got some pics of his amazing guitar amplifier.

Looks like a couple 12" speakers in the cabinet. Not sure of the electronics, but the large 211 tube in front indicates single ended design, rather low power, possibly running Class A. Anyway, the metal work is incredible? Not sure who made this for him, but certainly a master craftsman.

The amp is in two sections, the speaker "cabinet" and the amp head (above). Note the metal casing for the transformers. Wonderful design, beautiful work.

The sound is excellent, if not overpowering. There's a drive control on the head to get some smooth distortion from the unit.

Sometimes aesthetics is everything...

(More on the concert itself, with music clips, in a later post)

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