Saturday, August 13, 2011

The Big Apple

After 40 years, I've made it back to New York City. Amazing place, filled with tourists, and crazy crowded as hell... but somehow fun beyond belief. And I could walk the streets for weeks just staring at tall buildings... and what is so great, such a mix of modern and classical stylings (particularly lots of art deco touches)... so a bunch of tall buildings!: (click for larger images)

Sacks on 5th Avenue:

The entrance to Bergoff-Goodman:

A great on the 5th Ave. sidewalk:

Rockefeller Plaza:

Trump tower:

Of course, in the Big Apple, the big Apple store, unfortunately undergoing renovation at this time:

Some sort of macabre museum:

Times Square:

And, not tall, but classic... and my favorite, the New York City Library...

Inside, very beautiful, and more tourists than patrons. Outside, a hot babe... too bad the SLC library doesn't have a few similar statues outside its main entrance.

Just a very small sampling... now off on a cruise up the East Coast.

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