Thursday, January 26, 2012

NAMM Adventures

With help from my "in", Rod Daynes, we were able to attend the NAMM show in Anaheim again this year. What a zoo! Lots of gear... guitars, amps, recording hardware, audio software... ah, the software!

Wait a minute! Well, maybe next year I will just spend my time with my camera in one place and just take photos of people. Somehow, I guess it's the music industry and in Los Angeles, but the show really does attract the most interesting people.

I did see some fun gear as well.

There's always fun entertainment to be found at NAMM, some on formal stages, some just happens in various booths. First thing in the morning, for folks waiting for the exhibit doors to open, we were treated to Polka Floyd. Yep, just what the name implies. Really a fun start to our day.

Then a little Tex-Mex at the Roland electronic squeeze box booth.

Even Elton John showed up (I guess...)

But the best entertainment was that night, away from NAMM, where we heard Chain Reaction, featuring the work of the world's greatest guitar player... the kid really does have his chops down!

Til next year... (actually, stay tuned for pics from our road trip back to SLC).

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