Last Camping Trip of the Year

Beautiful Fall weather encouraged us explore the San Rafael before DST ends and the nights get even more colder.

First is the selfie with the magnificent monuments behind me.

 The following pics are of the area, with the cottonwoods in their autumn magnificence.  Not a hint of a cloud in the gorgeous blue sky for days...

The river level was quite low, so we were able to cross over and climb up on the ridges, giving us a perspective of the area.  The problem was getting down...  lots of steep drop-offs in the gullies.  And some interesting patterns found in the gullies.

Wandering around, I found an interesting man made structure, which I found protected a USGS marker.   Curious how they did this since getting there was quite difficult.

A little luxury was added to this trip.

A couple tips...  the breakfast burrito (all day) at Lamy's in Huntington.  Also the hot dog (grilled) at the Sinclair at the Price exit to Highway 10.  The cool local cops hang there too...  dig the vehicle...

Can't wait for Spring and another trip...  and another hot dog and burrito...


My Favorite Alfa

 Not a convertible, but the Zagato body work is fabulous!


National Day of Mourning

 Forget the Queen...  Fred Franzia, who developed Two Buck Chuck for Trader Joes, has died (on my birthday, no less).



When asked how they can sell wine cheaper than a bottle of water, Fred Franzia famously retorted “They're overcharging for the water. Don’t you get it?"



Another Family Reunion

 Just us and the kids up at Snowbird.  From the top of the tram:

Tully and Willis playing for Sunday brunch at Alta Lodge...


Bastille Day Family Reunion

Once again the Bastille Family gathered, on Bastille Day, this time to honor Nick Coppin Bastille who may not be with us much longer.  The family is much older (see picture) and, while significantly diminished as members pass away, the family also expands as new members are integrated into the Great Bastille Family Reunion.

Nick designated funds for food and drink for probably his last chance to "participate."  We are saddened by his imminent passing, but also wish him well on his next journey.

Getting the family together is still like herding cats, but here are most of them.  Others joined via Zoom.

And your illustrious host, for probably the last gathering at Rev. Willis Red Butt Gardens...



 Just a nice pic from a foothill trail.  A great hike on a pleasant day.