All I Want For Xmas...

Ruby, my dear...  You'd look great in my man cave...


Malibu Musings

So I got out of town headed to SoCal just in time to avoid the Yukon Express.  Part of my trip was a few days on the Pepperdine campus in Malibu.  While the nights were cold and the days chilly, the campus was still beautiful, situated as it is in the Malibu foothills overlooking the Pacific.  An incredible place for a university, too bad it costs a fucking fortune to attend (lots of Asian students, spending all that export money).  A sunrise from above the campus...

So with cool but pleasant days, what better than to hike the ridge line to an overlook of the whole area.

(proof I made it)

From this point, there are views back to Santa Monica, over the ocean, and up to Zuma Point.

And, of course, gotta have a pic of the baseball stadium...  go Waves!

Looking back from the point to the foothills, up highest is the College of Business and the Villa, a hotel for guests and visiting profs, as well as housing (lower) for the lucky few.

And, on the top, for the old telecom professional, the comm towers...

The weather would turn bad, but we got a couple cool sunsets.

And now back to the winter cold.