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Never get caught with a dead hooker or a live boy.


Full Moon Baseball

A Thursday night, full moon home game seemed like a great time to do a geezer pub crawl/Bastille Family outing down at Derks Field (or whatever its corporate name is at the moment).  I had seats figured out for best viewing, and we all got tickets in Section 105.  A few of us got seats in the wrong ballpark (Nationals Stadium in D.C.), but cell phones kept us in touch.  Anyway, Derks Field is one of the most beautiful parks in the country, wonderfully remodeled back in the '90s, and with great views of the Wasatch.  Speaking of the remodeling, this was probably the only positive thing to come out of the DeeDee Corridini administration, (and she wanted to move the stadium to downtown property owned by her cronys.. but the fans won out and we have a great park as a result).

Soon we were all settled in our seats, ready for the game.

Nick and Jim

Fred, Sandy, Suzy, & Mike

Miriam and her daughter Julia

Rod's date didn't show up

You know who and Miriam

And, finally, a mystery Bastille

As the game progressed, the clouds built up over the Wasatch, threatening our full moon treat.  But then, the clouds weren't bad themselves.

The super zoom on my little Panasonic caught the pitcher peaking at the baserunner.

I was ready to go in for some late inning relief work.

Finally, as the Bees were losing badly, the moon burned through the clouds.

Even captured on the scoreboard (albeit doubly unfocused).

Although victory eluded us, we had a good time.  And reports from Nationals Stadium confirmed a full moon siting over the press box.  Solidarity through baseball!