NUBbing Sun Ra

Sun Ra has always been a favorite and inspiring musician.  His passing has left a major void in experimental jazz.  Thankfully the Sun Ra Arkestra continues to tour, headed by saxman Marshall Allen.

Back in the 70's, a group of ever changing musicians formed the Nameless Uncarved Block to promote experimental music in this area.  The NUB evolved out of Lucky Thinks, known to chase entire crowds out of the venue with their free associated "music" (a studio recording of Lucky Thinks exists, but no one can afford to buy copies, they are that rare and closely controlled by the estate of Crackling Glass Clow, former drummer of Lucky Thinks and political refugee from the Nameless Uncarved Block).

Rod Royale would also leave Lucky Thinks for parts unknown, but the leader of both groups, Setz-Ra, kept free music alive with his revolving group of musicians under the banner of the Nameless Uncarved Block, anchored by Lucky Thinks vets Fagg on sax and Jon-ass on violin.

Recently a recording of the Nameless Uncarved Block surfaced, featuring a Tribute to Sun Ra.  A compressed version of the cassette from reel to reel mastered by Rev. Willis is presented here.  Fagg on sax, Setz-Ra on organ, MEvans on drums, possibly others including Passed Passey on bass.  Sun Ra is rolling over in his grave...


Last Of Old School Journalists?

Cameragirl captures us with the only journalist worth a damn is this city.


Vintage Motorsports II

From Miriam while visiting Lyon (and near Marilyn's Antiques).  A classic Triumph TR3.

And I'll refer you to my pics of this classic jag....


And More Femme Fatales

These are such great, and suggestive, pics...

Veronica Lake, "I wasn't a sex symbol, I was a sex zombie", who starred in a couple great noirs with Alan Ladd:  The Glass Key and This Gun For Hire.  Oh, that hair!

And Rita Hayworth...  check out Gilda... stunning...

Finally, Peggy Cummings, who gave one of the greatest female movie performances ever in Gun Crazy.

Thank you IMDB for the movie info.


A Baseball Post

Baseball is now in the post season, but we did make it to a late season Braves game at Turner Field in Atlanta.  (saw Superman as well)

I've now seen the Braves (my favorite team) play at County Stadium in Milwaukee, Fulton County Stadium in Altlanta, and now the Ted.  In a couple years, I'll try to return to see the Braves in their new stadium in Cobb County outside Atlanta.

(and since I was born in Boston, and the Braves were my Dad's favorite team, is very possible I saw the Boston Braves play in Braves Field while in swaddling clothes)

On the particular night we were at the Ted, the Braves actually won a game, and over the Toronto Blue Jays (a first place team) as well.  Unfortunately for us, the next night Jimmy Carter and Roslyn showed up for a game.  They were even on Kiss Cam!  Wish we stayed in Atlanta for another game.



Modern Sculpture

Visiting Charlotte, NC, I ran across a rather famous, or infamous, sculpture in front of the Bechter Museum of Modern Art.  Entitled the "Firebird", the locals have informally renamed it "Disco Chicken", which is somehow more appropriate.

Here's the babe with the chicken

And the fun couple...

Finally, Rev Travolta...


Start Your Engines

With Miller Motorsports Park undergoing major ownership changes next year, we decide to check out the supercar races and the Pirelli World Challenge.  Nice of them to let us into the pit area.

Only one race pic, just too overwhelming and I'd rather watch...

And then there were the usual race babes...  I mean there's skinny, then there is skinny...

And where were they when I once again stood on the winner's podium?

New Favorite Tequila

Peligroso Reposado... smooth and delicious, NOM of 1535.  But a little pricey... around $35/bottle.  Well once in awhile...


Walla Walla, Fire Fire

Over the last 10 years, my friend, the poet and real estate entrepreneur (no, this is not an oxymoron) Charles Potts, has accumulated a large amount of forest land in the Blue Mountains outside of Walla Walla.  With plenty of land to graze, he's actively raising Appaloosa horses. However, in late July, a serious fire destroyed a significant portion of his forest land.  So I decided to drive up to Walla Walla and check out the damage and maybe lend a little moral support to Charles who was quite upset about the loss.  Here are some pics showing the damage (click on the pics for a larger size).

Many of the remaining trees are damaged, and will eventually die off...

Walla Walla in the distance...

Still some hot spots deep in the forest ravines...

Fortunately, the acreage around his house, corral, and support buildings was unaffected, except for the lingering odor of smoke and burnt foliage.  Potts and his horses all survived (unlike a neighbor who lost everything).

Perhaps I'll drive up again next Spring and check on recovery of the land.  Unfortunately, the trees will take decades to regrow.


Euro Trip--Finale

A picture of us on a canal in a small Dutch village, preceded by a postcard of the same site.

Finally, winging my way back home, I saw these wonderful cloud formations from the plane window.


Euro Trip--Back in Lyon

After our road trip, we had a few days in Lyon before I returned home.  I'd always wanted to visit the modern art museum in Lyon, so we hopped on the bus and took off to check out MAC-Lyon.  Overall, I think we were disappointed, the exhibits really didn't speak to us.  There was a major exhibit of modern art from Singapore, which had some cool pieces, but also had some very weird and disturbing stuff (Miriam can add a comment about the dead commies...).  Anyway, a few pics from the exhibit...

The museum is located in a modern development called Cité Internationale, an area of housing, theaters, restaurants, offices, etc.  A couple interesting sculptures...

(Yep, that BMW motorcycle was some piece of work...  real modern art).

At the end of the plaza was the headquarters of Interpol...  I wanted a pic on the stairs in front of the building, but couldn't get close...  are they afraid of a simple tourist???  But then I was almost arrested for this pic!  My goodness, Interpol is infamous, intriguing, spy vs. spy, international crime, I wanted more of it...  No tours???

Across the road is the major park in Lyon, the Parc de la Tete d'Or...  A wonderful place, with an emphasis on roses at the time we were there.  Some pics...

The next day, a big world festival began in the center of Lyon on Place Bellecour.  An amazing amount of countries had booths, particularly the African countries.  But I was immediately attracted to the Peruvian booth where Pisco was available.  I never imagined there were so many varieties...

And over at the Cuban booth, a very interesting rum...

And we won't talk about the Belgians, who were passing out samples of their beers...  Just to say those folks are insane!  A small sample and I was on my ass...  There was also a big international parade down the Rue de la Republique...  but I had to catch a plane (I did get to see the parade on a previous visit to Lyon).

So I'll finish Lyon with the most famous landmark, the cathedral at Fouvier.