Last Toast at Junior's

I'm not sure where those silly "fans" came from, seems like a Harry birthday celebration a few years ago. Anyway, it was Saturday, social time at Junior's, but with an important person missing and unlikely to join us ever again. Lots of friends came down for a last beer toast to Harry. The mood was rather festive (the initial shock had worn off, missing Harry had yet to set in), the way Harry would like it. Some pics:

And the roller derby girls joined us for a beer... yep, Harry was glancing over...

Finally, a dedication... Seems like every Saturday the Junior's reference road atlas was thumbed through by Harry showing some bar on some obscure road that he had visited... or he was always generous with an alternative highway for someone planning a road trip. As a result, the existing atlas was showing a great deal of wear and tear... therefore, time for a new one.

Goodbye, Harry, enjoy that one, last, never ending road trip.


Harry Sellers

One of the most amazing persons I've ever met died this week. H. Francis Sellers was an accomplished artist, a great storyteller, a bar hopper beyond comprehension, and, during the latter part of his life, he became a dedicated husband and father. Harry was one of the most innovative, resourceful, and creative people to grace this fair land, and extremely funny as well. He will be missed in the Southern Utah desert, down at Junior's on the North End, and in small bars in tiny towns across the West. Thankfully we still have his art, and we all have stories that will continue our memories until we are all long gone. Some pics of Harry, with friends and family.