SLAJO at Burt's

SLAJO Burt s

Last Thursday, the Salt Lake Alternative Jazz Orchestra played down at Burt's Tiki Lounge.  The performance was highlighted by an appearance from original group founder Dave Chisholm, who sat in on trumpet.  This group is amazing, a 14 piece big band held together for 7 years or more now.  Yes, lots of changes, but still an innovative jazz big band.

One interesting note, Comcast videoed the performance (along with two other jazz related groups playing that evening) for their public access channel.  I don't use Comcast, but apparently they've been doing this sort of thing for some time.  If you are a Comcast cable customer, look for this performance on their public access channel sometime in the next 6 weeks or so.




Tribute to a Local Jazz Icon

Last night the University of Utah large jazz ensembles held a recital, and a tribute to the head of jazz studies, Henry Wolking, who is retiring in July. Henry has been a huge influence on his students, and on the local jazz community, as an instructor, a composer, and a player (he held down a trombone slot with SLAJO for many years, but that role is just one of many over the years).

Marco Blackmore and David Halliday had the ensembles really cooking, perhaps the best U of U big band concert I've ever attended. A special treat for me was the appearance by guitarist Willis Clow, who was in town for a clinic with the U's guitar students. Willis played on a couple tunes, and especially excelled in a duet with David.

Stupidly, I didn't bring my recorder to capture the action, just a few photos...

First, with his bud Steve Lyman on drums...

Taking a solo...

The hot duet with Halliday...

A fine night of jazz. And best wishes to Henry in his retirement (I suspect a lot of great music will result from the extra time).