And More Femme Fatales

These are such great, and suggestive, pics...

Veronica Lake, "I wasn't a sex symbol, I was a sex zombie", who starred in a couple great noirs with Alan Ladd:  The Glass Key and This Gun For Hire.  Oh, that hair!

And Rita Hayworth...  check out Gilda... stunning...

Finally, Peggy Cummings, who gave one of the greatest female movie performances ever in Gun Crazy.

Thank you IMDB for the movie info.


A Baseball Post

Baseball is now in the post season, but we did make it to a late season Braves game at Turner Field in Atlanta.  (saw Superman as well)

I've now seen the Braves (my favorite team) play at County Stadium in Milwaukee, Fulton County Stadium in Altlanta, and now the Ted.  In a couple years, I'll try to return to see the Braves in their new stadium in Cobb County outside Atlanta.

(and since I was born in Boston, and the Braves were my Dad's favorite team, is very possible I saw the Boston Braves play in Braves Field while in swaddling clothes)

On the particular night we were at the Ted, the Braves actually won a game, and over the Toronto Blue Jays (a first place team) as well.  Unfortunately for us, the next night Jimmy Carter and Roslyn showed up for a game.  They were even on Kiss Cam!  Wish we stayed in Atlanta for another game.