It Was a GAS!

Quite the night at the Garage on Beck Street.  The Garage All Stars, and they were all stars indeed this night, turned in three sets of great jazz.  The music attracted quite the crowd, a fun social scene this night.  Lots of friends showed up.  Helluva good time.

Park City was well represented, as was edible Wasatch...

The core GAS trio, Cheney, Carr, and Steve Lindeman (subbing for Kevin) were joined by Henry Wolking on trombone and Al Michaels on sax.  Great to see Henry playing again.

The bar was busy keeping up with thirsty fans.  Wendy looked a little stunned at all the activity.

But after she realized I wasn't just another musician sponging free drinks and food, she did a great job of serving up my wine and grub...  but how can you be out of avocado!!!  Still, tip your waitresses well.

The musicians were popular with the ladies...

Thanks to the musicians for great sets of jazz, and to the Garage for a fine establishment and great people.  More to come in the following weeks.  Soon the music will move outside with great views of industrial Salt Lake.


Some Older (and Some Old) Pics From My Vast Collection

Looking through my hard drive files, I've found a number of pics that deserve some attention on this blog.  There's no particular overriding theme to these, no rhyme or reason, just some cool shots bringing back (mostly good) memories.  And, of course, click on the pic for larger size viewing.

A group of women I'm not sure I'd want to fuck with...  (actually, good friends and fabulous people).

Hard to find good Pisco in this country.  Harder still to find this brand.  Damn good stuff, but I never support dictatorships...

I probably shouldn't comment on this picture...  Kinda goes with the bumper sticker, "Strangers Have the Best Candy"...

Lacey's long time friend Victoria during her return to Utah after a zillion years.  Yes, Victoria, summer in Australia means winter in Utah.  

You can't take Joanne out to dinner without her documenting the whole event.  Cute waitress, tho. 

An old friend, Tom Gardner...  the full pic which was edited in his obit.  A brilliant mind, a sheepherder, a very sad loss.

Talk about sister wives...  Me with the one-handers before a Jazz game.

From better days, down at the old Junior's

Maybe the best days are now...  cool girlfriend in Palm Springs

Another cool babe...  my mother from her untamed youth...

Me, doing my best Warren Zevon...

And, finally, the difference between men and women.  Much truth, here...