The Great Willis Clow CD

The Willis Clow CD is now out and available on CD Baby.  Some great, great guitar based jazz (although he would claim it to be rock).  I think this stuff is part of the new fusion, since it involves some country, some rock, some jazz, and is somewhat hard core in it's approach.  But that defines the new fusion.  Fusion's gotten a bad name over the years, a musical style associated with jazz that became very stereotyped, if not linked to "smooth jazz" (I want to hurl, here...).  But something is going on these days, I think it relates to today's musicians having a greater depth into all forms of music, as well as strong technical skills well beyond a specific musical niche.

So, I call the Willis Clow CD the new hardcore jazz fusion.  Fuck it, all labels are ambiguous anyway.  Just go buy this thing,  It's good.  (there's samples on the CD Baby site).  Hell, buy two or three...  we gotta pay off his student loans for the USC Masters degree!


Surf Coasters

Another pic from the infamous Double Down Saloon.  The group is the Surf Coasters from Japan.  Really hot surf music (my secret passion!).  Shigeo Naka, the guitarist, is one of the best players I've ever heard (of any kind of music).  I recorded the show, and have posted it at archive.org.  I hope the little player I've pasted in works, you can hear some of the tunes.  Enjoy!


Burn After Reading

OK, the Coen Bros., so I gotta see it. Lots of reviews read, mostly negative. My feeling? Great movie... Most of the acting is good to great, particularly Maklovich and Swinton. Brad Pitt didn't quite do it for me, unexpectly since his role get most of the press, but he was still fun. Yes, all the characters are despicable in some way or another, or maybe completely. And the story line is really bullshit, but then that's the point of the movie, it's all bullshit. Every ingredient in that flick is bullshit. The Coen Bros. throwing one off for fun, and their general take on life.

But the best part of the movie is the music for the closing credits. I'm amazed no one has mentioned this in any review. The tune is from the Fugs!!! "fuckin' A man, CIA man..." Five Stars for this element alone. The Fugs tune really ties the movie together...


Hula Hoops

So I thought that hula hoops and the craze was dead and buried. So be it... old footage of that era and fad look soooooo dated. A very silly activity. But now, hoops are back! Called hooping these days, and I guess a big deal in some areas. Their are hoopers associated with Mermen concerts. Oh, please, just go away!

Well, not so fast. So I head down to the Double Down Saloon in Vegas for the Surf Coasters gig. Japanese surf music! Actually, these guys are so good, it's amazing. So the opening act is Thee Swank Bastards. And their friend. Guess I could get into this hooping thing.


Back At It

Been awhile since I've added to this blog.  Lots has happened, primarily back surgery for my son in L.A., and more age related health issues for me.  Basically, I'm OK, and my dick is still living with me rather than dying prematurely.  OK, male ego, but as my dick goes, so go I.  It's a life benchmark.  And these days, love interests are quite inspiring, so functioning systems are important.  

And, thankfully, my son is doing well.  Scary deal, a ruptured disk and no health insurance.  Thankfully some friends made some arrangements and he got very good care, but out of (my) pocket for thousands.  And some hospital billings not part of the agreement.  So goes health care in the greatest country in the world.  Something is very wrong, here...

Hope to announce soon a link to pick up his CD.  Some very great music, I think most folks will enjoy it greatly.  And, hopefully, his profs at USC will accept it as a final Masters project and grant the degree.

And a final comment about baseball...   the season sucks.  The Braves are playing like shit...  OK, a disasterous season with major injuries, but to play as badly as they have lately is depressing.  Oh, well, as Cub fans say, wait til next year.