Northcliffe Sunset

At least one good thing about the Northcliffe house vs. my place on 11th is the angle of the house to the southwest, allowing for better sunset viewing. And late October has the sun in the best position for great sunsets.


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Fuck you...

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Don Winslow has written the crime novel of the year. While the plot is not novel, it's the writing style that captured my interest, and I think what distinguishes this book from so many others. He has a quick, choppy, but constantly consistent style, that's humorous and deadly at the same time. Perfect for his characters, and more perfect for his locale... Orange County. And it's his take on OC culture that provides most of the humor... "if you live and OC and don't have enhanced breasts, what are you, like, Amish?" And then there's the alphabetical send up of South Coast Plaza. Having spent lots of time in OC these past years, I laughed my ass off.

The plot involves two pot growers, best friends, and their shallow girl friend. The Mexican cartel wants to take over their business (The Church of Lighter Day Saints), with a rather violent invitation to agree. So the book proceeds to delve into Cartel conflicts, DEA agents, SEAL training, designer pot, Laguna Beach, heavy weaponry, desert rats, beach volleyball, computer hacking, money laundering, and so much more. Winslow's command of these topics is impressive.

Hellava good book... check it out.