Big Euro Trip More Musee' Edition

The Musee des Confluences is maybe my favorite building in the world. How did they construct this edifice?  And I can't even begin to describe the interior.  Just fabulous.  Anyway, here are a bunch of pics of the building as we floated by on our river cruise.

Since it's at the confluence of the two rivers forming the central part of Lyon, I thought a pic of the actual point would be fun.

The tracks are from the old rail yards formerly in this part of Lyon.  The grounds surrounding the museum are wonderful and allow views of the city.  Also, the river cruise provided a new perspective.
Here's another shot of the actual confluence, a pic looking back at a bridge crossing the Rhone with Fouviere in the distance, and a final goodbye to the museum and Lyon as we headed down the river to Vienne.


Big Euro Trip Familiy Edition

One of my goals this trip was to meet my son Willis, his wife Nisa, his mom, and Nisa's parents in Lyon.  Since I'd been there a few times, I wanted to show them my favorite places, and Miriam arranged a super dinner at Le Cazanove.

We first ventured to the Basilica Notre Dame de Fouvier, on the bluff overlooking the city of Lyon.  Here's a pic of them in front of a mock up of the city layout.

Wandering through Vieux Lyon, Nisa found a Poo Bear.

Hope wanted to shop in Vieux Lyon for silk, very famous in Lyon.  Paul and I waited patiently...

I was fascinated by the displays...  circular rounds of corrugated cardboard shaped into a torso, simple and very cool.

The next day we toured the incredible Musee des Confluences.  In another post I'll have more pics of this wondrous creation, but first a couple pics of the family with the museum as a backdrop.

The exhibits inside are as fascinating as the building.  Just climbing through the interior is amazing (and tiring! so many stairs!).  From the physical confluence (the Rhone and Saone Rivers)  looking back to the museum...  with Nisa in the foreground...  I like this pic!

Not to forget Miriam, who helped immensely getting everyone around.  Here's the fabulous duo in front of the Celestine Theatre in Lyon.

And Miriam with her friend Barb (resident of Lyon) who hosted us one night for dinner and relaxation.  Thanks, Barb, for your help and kindness.

Willis et Fam were off to Provence.  Miriam and I spent a couple more days in Lyon, then hopped on a boat for a Rhone river cruise.  More on this later.


Big Euro Trip

Well, OK, here goes...  Just back from France and the Netherlands.  A few days in Lyon with the extended family, a river cruise down the Rhone to Avignon, then a few days with friends in the Netherlands.  A very fine time.  Thanks to Miriam for arranging much of the trip.  So, on with the photos...  and their will be photos...  lots and lots and lots of photos.  Hope you enjoy this series of posts.

Let's start with my favorite... a vegetable delivery truck...

(Just so you know where these posts are going...)

More later, the World Series is on.


World's Coolest Fire Station

Ran across this building during a warehouse tour on the West Side.  Had no idea what it was, until we discovered it as a fire station!  One of the neatest buildings in town.  For more info on all the eco features and history, check this web page.


The End.... Or the Beginning?

We found Zero Zero Street...

And the house at the end of the world?