Hot Days and Hot Cars

Summer days bring out the best from the local car culture.  I'm glad I caught a blurb about this show.

I never realized that the local scene was so extensive.  Besides the cars, I was amazed at the collection of people who came out for this show:  older gear heads, lowriders, bikers, 50's retro JD's, neo-hippies, and a couple old farts (us).  But then cars sort of define what it is to be an American.  Enjoy the pics (click on 'em to get a bigger view).

Thanks to the Bonnevillains and all the others who helped put this show together.


Explosion on 11th Ave.

A number of years ago I redid the front yard on 11th Ave.  Hell, I had no idea what I was doing, and along with Jeffrey's contributions, chaos was the very possible result.  And every year about this time (early June), I find out that chaos in landscaping is not bad.  Especially when the cactus bloom...

Where's Sunset Magazine exploring western urban desert landscaping?


Classic Jag

Ran across this classic Jaguar in a residential area of Irvine, Orange County.  Very, very cool.


We Are the World

A sidewalk chalk drawing from outside the Avenues Sweet Library...

(Click on pic for a larger image)

He's Running!

In a brazen attempt to overthrow local Salt Lake City government, Sherm Clow on Tuesday announced his intentions to run for City Council District 3 (Avenues and Capitol Hill).

Here's the candidate and staff finishing the documentation.  Stay tuned for a new campaign site and blog.