Spring Has Sprung!

Another babe for the man cave...  Hot Hair-iette!


Snow Canyon Redux

So Valley of Fire one day, then a cheap room in Mesquite, then Snow Canyon the next day before the drive home.  Of course one must take the old highway from Mequite (Littlefield) up to Ivins and then the park.  Quite a drive in itself.

Anyway, a bunch of pics from Snow Canyon, click on the pic for a larger size.

These little State parks can be quite a visual thrill.  Some good hiking as well.

Valley of Fire Redux

Driving back from California, we decided to spend a few hours in Nevada's Valley of  Fire.  Got some nice pics of arches, rocks, and other features.  Click on the pics to get a larger size.  Enjoy...  I sure did. What a great little park...  a nice loop off the freeway.

These pics were taken along just one road through the valley.  Other roads will take you to even more spectacular features,  I posted some pics from this area here.   I highly recommend this park.