A Few From the West Desert

 A day trip jount through the west desert via the Pony Express Trail.  After missing the turnoff, we were detained and jailed at the Dugway Proving Grounds by humorless forces worried about our explosive laden Suburu.  We finally convinced them that our target was actually Fish Springs, and they let us go.

Here are some rather high definition photos of our recon of the area.

And one more offering a brief history of a remote, but still active, mining town.

We got out of there with a haul of gold which we soon lost at the tables in Wendover.


A Few Bars Where I'd Like to Hoist One


Doesn't look like Hawaii to me!

I've actually been to Chez Jay.  Still in operation in Santa Monica.   Check out Billy Bob Thornton's hangout in "Goliath". 

I've been past Roy's a few times.  On Route 66 in the Mohave desert.


My Son Playing in Paris

 Found this pic of Willis playing guitar with Jeanne Mas in Paris.

He played with Mas on several trips and also on her CD.  Check out her web site for more info on this famous singer.


The John Lomax of SLC Jazz

 Here I am, with my gear, at the Urban Lounge recording SLAJO.  The great archivist of 21st Century jazz in the first decade, I suspect this pic was from around 2005.  Staying up late to capture every note, then dragging my ass into work the next morning.

Thanks to Joanne Wong for the pic.


For Train Buffs

 Amazing art deco locomotive!  Modernism lived!

And another, a little more traditional