Prince Edward Island Pt.1

We spent nearly a week driving around Prince Edward Island, Canada.  My grandfather was born there, so I've always wanted to visit the island.  There are some really dominating features found on PEI (besides tons of mussels and lobsters!).  About every mile along the roads are churches...  Catholic (French influence), Anglican (Brit influence), United, Baptist and a scattering of others.  Most of the churches are small country affairs, usually surrounded by cemeteries...  Seems like there are more than expected numbers of dead people!  Anyway, some pics of a few interesting churches we found.

Above is St. Dunstan's cathedral in Charlottetown...  the spires dominate the city skyline...


B&Bs on PEI

We recently took a trip to Prince Edward Island, Canada.  It's a very beautiful place, surrounded by ocean.  There's a zillion B&Bs available on the island, we stayed at a few, and here are the pics.  Note that each B&B was a wonderful victorian restoration with impeccably detailed interiors.

Above is the Orient Hotel in Victoria by the Sea, PEI.  It's a little seaside village of about 200 people but with good restaurants and a nifty playhouse.  Here's the famous Landmark Cafe (no, it is not a convenience store, it is a top flight restaurant).

OK, before we leave Victoria for the next B&B, here's a shot of the largest tree on PEI (somewhat debatable).

On to Summerside, the second largest "city" on PEI (maybe 20K?).  We stayed at the Summerside Inn, another incredible restoration.  As would be our fate, the owners are a Mormon couple!  I though we'd escaped!  But they were excellent hosts and were quite helpful advising us on our trip.  Only four rooms available, but a very good value.

We cruised along the coast over to the central part of the island and found this B&B in Rustico.

The Barachois Inn is a bit off the road, we luckily found it after some helpful advice at a gas station.  Again, a great restoration and amazing interior detail.  We had a room that was basically a full apartment, very comfortable.

After a long day exploring the eastern section of PEI, we arrived in Charlottetown, the capitol of the province of PEI.  We had reservations at the Fairholm Inn, one of the classic Victorians of Charlottetown.

Again, great interiors, detailed and comfortable rooms.  Charming beyond belief dining room for breakfast.

I'd like to thank all the innkeepers for making our stays quite comfortable and for the unique and filling breakfasts that started our day.  If I have any complaints, it's that B&Bs are getting quite expensive for a guy on a Motel 6 budget.  But the individual experiences were certainly worth it.

Speaking of Victorian restorations, I'll drop this pic in of the Beaconhouse, one of the most famous Victorians in Charlottetown.  It's now a museum and well worth a tour if you are ever in the area.


Muscle Car on Mussel Island

On a recent trip to Prince Edward Island, Canada, I found this absolutely cherry Plymouth Barracuda, a classic American muscle car.  PEI is known for lobster, oysters, and mussels.  Get it?  OK, forget it...  But here's the car...