Burning Guy

The Nevada desert hosts a yearly Burning Man festival.  However, the Brits have their own version, celebrated around the world.  It's Burning Guy! (better known as Guy Fawkes Day)

This year I was lucky enough to get invited to a Guy Fawkes celebration (I have a little Brit in me from my grandfather and Prince Edward Island).  Besides the usual massive amounts of booze and great food, we had some work to do.  Thankfully the bonfire was already assembled in an appropriate manner, but we need to stuff the Guy Fawkes effigy and get him mounted on top of the bonfire.  Straw and cute clothes from DI did the effigy trick.  The little cowboy boots were precious...

After eating and drinking and waiting for darkness, it was time...  The fire was lit with fireworks to follow.  What a deal, and the Fire Department was thankfully MIA. (Use full screen for best video viewing)

Thanks to Chantell and Stuart for all their work and for a great celebration.


Dog Meets Robot

My son's dog, Melon, has a new friend.  And the floors are cleaned...