Bra Straps

OK, I know this has been going on for some time.  Some sort of Madonna thing from years ago.   What's with this acceptance of exposed bra straps?  How sleazy have we become?   Yes, I know it's generally accepted, now, which, even as informal as I am, still bugs me.

I mean, if you are a drunken floozie spending afternoons in a dive bar hoping Bukowski will write a poem about you, then let 'em droop...

So I'm in this nice restaurant in Venice, ordering wine and pasta...  An attractive young blonde dressed in contrasting black with slim shoulder straps takes my order.  Besides the tatoos running down each arm (my issue, and another topic), her bra straps hung over her shoulders.  Way unattractive, and not particularly appetizing.  Needless to say, even with the wine, the service sucked, and the food did as well.  Guess it all goes together.

Anyway, while I'm not exactly a paragon of fashion and style, I'd hope we still had a little class left in our culture.  Guess not...

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