Surf Music

Of course my little kinky musical secret is my love for surf music.  Somehow, an overly reverbed guitar really does it for me.  How a farm boy got the ocean bug is odd, but that's what the reverb does to me.  Or maybe it's just the clean guitars, the melodic tunes, the basic playing...  I don't know...  I just dig it.

Down in SoCal this last weekend.  On Sunday, the Huntington Beach International Surf Museum held one more in the perpetual string of surf music concerts at the pier.  I took all my recording gear down there (guess I should post sometime on the geeky stuff) and recorded a couple great bands.

The top pic (how do I insert pics where I want them in this blog?) is Madeira.  Ivan, on the left is one very fine guitar player as well as composer.  Love their music.  The bottom pic is Pollo del Mar from San Francisco.  Another top group involved in modern surf music.

And coming soon, next month, Japan's Surf Coasters are doing another west coast tour.  Shigeo Naka is simply the best guitarist I've ever heard.  Check out the Double Down in Vegas for a hot show from the Coasters.

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listens to this new group from mexico