Stealing Beauty and Favorite 80's Brit Pop

I really like Antonioni and Bertolucci flicks. Some of my favorites, such as the Passenger (great hotels!) and Sheltering Sky (incomprehensable plot, but gorgeous cinematography). So I'm watching cable the other night and Stealing Beauty comes on, a Bertolucci that I missed along the way. Wonderful movie, with Jeremy Irons just delicious as the dirty old man at death's door. The scene of him and Liv Tyler sharing a joint is a treat. And typical sweeping shots of the Tuscan landscape. I love this movie!

Anyway, during the end credits, a song plays by Roland Gift, former singer of the Fine Young Cannibals. I've always enjoyed this group, so I pulled out my old CDs and gave 'em a listen. The best of the 80's. I also grabbed my best of the English Beat, my other favorite group from this era. Pleasantly surprised to find David Steele and Andy Cox as the instrumental mainstays of both groups. I wonder what these guys are doing now? They sure had great musical heads 20 years ago (holy hell! it's now classic rock!).


Unknown said...

My brain hurts too.

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