Perving on Planes

Spent the Thanksgiving holidays in Palm Springs. I finally got a chance to check out the Air Museum, featuring lots of classic WWII airplanes. Something fascinating about these old warbirds, and really more fun than modern jets. But then I like classic sports cars more than modern sports cars, so I guess I show my age.

This is an excellent museum, with lots of very knowledgable, and mostly veteran, docent help. I especially enjoyed the "babes" painted on the planes. Click on the images to get a bigger pic.

Then there is the propeller-head crew, the real babes.

Sort of to go along with the museum, the same day we caught "Amelia" at a local Palm Springs theater. A pretty good movie, with some really good shots of more classic planes, especially the Electra, used by Amelia on her final flight.


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