Ferrari Challenge Pt. 5--Other Cars

A big event at the Miller Motor Sports Park draws people and cars from all over. The Ferrari Challenge didn't bring just Ferrari owners. All sorts of interesting cars lined up in the huge area behind the garages. (Again, be sure to click on the pics to get a larger image).

How about an ancient Alfa Romero?

Or a classic Maserati?

A couple nice Porches...

And an American muscle car, a Camero SS...

A local Utah company is making a beautifully crafted aluminum body for Cobra replicas.

Finally, a couple hot rods showed up.

So that was the weekend. Most of us can only dream of owning, or even driving a Ferrari. But maybe there's a chance... if a few of us go together, share weekends, perhaps we could afford something like this (at least until the first $1000 oil change!)...

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