Bastille 40th

The 40th anniversary reunion of the Bastille Family Reunion is now history. Hey, lots of us are still alive!!! Pretty well attended, with Barry, Nick, Richard, & Lynette flying in from out of state to share the event. iRod, at the first but not since, graced us with his insta-dogs, Terry rode up from Green River, Michael G. came and went, and the token nameless wanderer slept through the whole thing under a nearby tree. Pics follow (click on pic to get larger image).

Kinda interesting about the Bastille myth. People who weren't at the original reunion now show up at the reunion reunions. And friends of Bastilles... and a few who heard there may be a good time. So the family of like souls continues to expand...

And progeny now attends: both the son and daughter of Richard Cordray were at the 40th, and Curt Setzer's son as well.

The only disappointment of the day (besides the intense heat!) was the lack of music. Perhaps Wayne Christiansen's funeral the same day, and a wake for him in Heber, led to the late arrival of many folks. But the highlight of the day was the Bastille wedding! JD Hill, son of Jeanne Holdaway-Hill, wedded his lovely bride Gina in a ceremony conducted by yours truly... sealing the Bastille family name into the future.

If other folks have pics they'd like to post here, please email them to me. On to the 50th!!!

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Diana Lee said...

Great to see everyone looking so spry and happy. Regret I couldn't attend the reunion (but I did make it to my 50-year high school reunion--how cool is that?) I remain a loyal member of the Family.
Diana Lee Bastille
Rad Forever!!