Pat and Pete

Great Saturday night... two parties and Pete Anderson performing at Pat's BBQ. For those of you unfamiliar with Pete Anderson, for 20 years he was the guitarist and producer for Dwight Yoakam. Pete has since launched a solo career with a new CD and tour. Pat's BBQ, which has an excellent performance area (as well as great BBQ!), was kind enough to book Pete and his group for the local fans. Pete announced that he decided that his personal music had to be blues oriented, and that's what we got. Some great original blues songs and some classics. Pete plays signature guitars from Reverend, and a setup that provides both wet and dry amplification.

Pete's group was quite good... excellent keyboards and bass, adequate drumming (although the drummer played most of the night with a click track in one ear... hadn't seen this before... a sign of drumming to come?).

Anyway, thanks to Pat for booking the gig (seen below with JP)... a fun night, I hope to make it back to Pat's more often for food and music.

As for the parties... tequila, baby! that's all you need to know... very happy holidays have started.

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