I'm from FEMA...

... and I'm here to save your ass.

Yep, I'm in Denver at the Federal Center out on West 6th Ave., and now an employee of FEMA. My position is "occasional" as a Disaster Assistance Employee, responsible for emergency communications systems. Be afraid, be very afraid!

The pic above is the FEMA bunker in Denver, it's part of an old bomb shelter from the post war days (WWII for you young'ins out there). There's a long tunnel to the more modern building with additional office space.

And it's even historical!

Here's a shot of some of the MERS (mobile emergency radio systems, or something like that) vehicles (carrying communications and support materials), along with one of the HF antennas, and a little Denver.

I'm here for a week of training and an introduction to the whole disaster response system. Getting paid, too!

Finally, a closer shot of downtown Denver through another HF antenna.

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