So I'm in SoCal on a pleasant Sunday...  what a great time and place to hang at a yacht club!  So I hit the freeways for an hour cruising up to Marina del Rey.  WTF!  Well, there's a musical reason.  A variation on Buck's Vibe is playing for happy hour.  They call themselves the Sunday Special, with Willis on guitar, Peter Buck on drums, and a couple of very competent Israelis on trumpet and bass (Itai and Hagai, if I've got it right).

Damn good jazz, although the place was crowded with heavy drinking boaters fresh from racing in the Pacific.  I did manage to record a bit of the gig.  Here's a lengthy MP3 of some funk jazz (from the Crusaders?) segueing into a cool version of Caravan.  Sunday Special plays this gig about once a month.  I hope to get back and do a better recording since the guys are quite good, and it's fun hanging out at the marina watching those expensive yachts wander in from the ocean.

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