Another Big Hole

Ah, the joys of home ownership...   Now comes the Water Dept. and something about a new flush-out valve for the water main.  Over a period of months, workers show up to "blue stakes" the area...  multiple times for multiple cables with multiple colors.  One more color and the driveway would have been a rainbow.

Finally, the big day arrives...  and after all the markings, they still couldn't find the water main...

So we are left with 1/2 a driveway for days...  actually weeks...  a treat for backing out of the garage and avoiding baricades, the mailbox, the big bush, etc...

Finally they finished the valve work and filled in the hole.  Then the cement crew arrived to redo the curbing and our driveway.  Looks good!

But that left a big hunk out of the asphalt street...  It took another week and a half to get that done.  Something about hiring a private contractor to do the work...  even though the Streets Dept. has its own asphalt plant, it's cheaper for the Water Dept. to hire it out to private companies.   There's local govt. efficiency for you!

Anyway, the company finally arrived and we were impressed with the shiny dump truck and clean gear.  Even had matching sport shirts.  Nice guys and they did a good job.

So now we wait for the city landscaper to fill in the front strip and we are ready to go.  I hope...  Interesting adventure with city utilities...

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