Mo Memo #2

Well, the Matican Mall has been open for a couple months now.  I've been through it a few times, and it has some nice features, it's well done all in all, but, really, it's just another fucking mall.  Perhaps the best feature of the mall is the food court, maybe the best selection of quality food choices I've ever seen in a mall food court.  The Red Iguana has a great selection of automated (but good) and reasonable Mexican dishes.  And, although the pervasive McDonalds exists, there are other recommended choices that I've yet to try.  And (and) it's so convenient for me when wandering downtown, and (and, and) so open and clean.  But I did note a lack of recycling bins (for all the plastic from the fast food delivery).

And (and, and, and) I did run into a fellow mall rat today.

Remember:  a President Romney will bring back prohibition and force your daughters into marriage.

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