Snowbird Interlude

For my birthday, Miriam and I decided to dine up at the Steakpit at Snowbird.   We got a good room rate at the Cliff Lodge thinking a night's stay after a Steakpit blowout was a better idea than trying to drive back to the valley.  A fine bottle of wine accompanied the excellent dinner.

I even got a birthday cake of sorts.

We were joined by a couple of special guests, one of which found his own dinner.  (Apparently they make a nightly visit for a bread roll, and provide a special treat for Steakpit diners).

The next day, in an effort to burn off all those Steakpit calories, I began the hike up Peruvian Gulch.  The elevation gain was 1000', and I was one tuckered dude by the time I hit the access road leading a long traverse back to the resort.  On the way, I did find a little waterfall and stream, still running in this dry year.

The Fall colors were coming on...

After the hike, and a bit of a rest, it was off to Oktoberfest and a bunch of beer.  I don't remember much else that night.  Sometime the next day we were found at the Alta Lodge enjoying fine jazz guitar, a nice brunch, and the wonderful mountains (forgot my camera).  All in all, a welcome and enjoyable interlude.

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