Mohave Road Trip

Recently I drove to Orange County for a visit.  To break up the distance, I stopped for the night to visit the Brady's in Las Vegas and check out their new brewery (actually the booze district of Henderson... several new warehouse structures housing several breweries, a winery, and a distillery).  Here's Matt and his Astronomy Aleworks facility:

The next day I started out on I-15, but soon after entering California, I took a left off the freeway and entered the Mohave National Wildlife Preserve.  Wonderful desert desolation, but 50 miles or so in, I discovered the restored Kelso Depot, in an otherwise abandoned town (well, a few operational buildings).

Apparently, Kelso had some importance as a railroad hub during World War II, and before that as mining shipping point and engine addition for the steep grade into Vegas.

A wonderful find...  now the depot serves as a visitor center for the Mohave Preserve.

Leaving Kelso heading to Amboy, I ended up on a stretch of Route 66.

Just outside Amboy is the Amboy Crater, easily visible out of the desert landscape.

The road would often rise to a high pass before descending into another vast valley.  At one high point, I found a cool, rock mountain.

At another pass, I found a great view back into the desert.  This from a curious "rest stop".

Eventually I ended up in 29 Palms and joined the major highway to Palm Springs, and then to Orange County.  I so enjoy "leaving the pavement" of a boring Interstate highway and exploring alternate routes.  So much to see and to experience, with many surprises.

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