Some Euro Oddities Pt. I

On my last Euro trip at the end of March, I took about a zillion photos.  Way too many to post...  so I thought I'd just go with the unusual ones, the ones that struck my bizarre fancy.  Like this one:

Our tour bus dropped us off in front on this club, where we would begin our tour of Ghent.  But I kinda wanted to hang out here and check out the scene.  Only problem was the time of day, and our ship would sail before any action at the Hotsy Totsy Club.

A couple other drinking establishments in Ghent caught my eye:

Ken Sanders needs to rethink his bookstore a bit...

I also had some interest in the Fallen Angels antique store:

On the back of a tour bus:

The Official Rev. Willis T-shirt:

Another take on the porta potty:

The King lives, and a boney king...  at least in Antwerp...

A memorial to lost luggage near the Holland America building in Rotterdam:

An expression of true love:

Pt. 2 later...

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