The Boys are Back!

After a long dry spell of decent jazz in this city, some hot young players have started playing together again.  John Henry has reformed with all the original players except Willis Clow (but with a good keyboardist as a substitute).  The boss sax player David Halliday is often part of the group.  Anchored by the rhythm section of Will Lovell and Steve Lyman, the Chisholm Bros. on horns are throwing down some very creative shit.  Also, Lyman often performs with his quartet, Kenji on guitar and Denson on bass.  So good to have this music available again, solid and creative musicians playing the real thing. 

These guys are part of the Salt Lake Alternative Jazz Orchestra, a 14 piece still holding it together after 5+ years.  I hope to have some tunes from the combos posted on the SLAJO web page in the near future.  Check it out!

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