Season's Over

Baseball ended last night. A World Series winner, and a loser. Considering the weather the teams had to play in, I guess it's best the baseball season is finished. Hey, it's a summer sport, hate it when the game is played in cold, rain, and even snow. That's not the way it should be. But, the powers that be want extended seasons, more games, more money, to pay even more exorbitant salaries to superstar players... greed... the free market, capitalist mantra.

But beyond the business of baseball, it's sad when the season ends. No other sport compares. OK, I like football, sort of, basketball not much, hockey no longer interests... Baseball connects with my brain waves, matches my mental processes, like no other sport. Sure the games can be slow, even boring, but I like the spaces. Time to think in between the action. Most other sports require instant concentration for the constant action. Baseball lets one relax, ponder the game, or even ponder other things. More meditative, poetic even.

So, now with winter, shorter days, and no baseball, the depression begins. I have a hard time dealing with the next four months or so. I'm a creature of light, of sun, of lazy days and activities. Can't wait for the spring solstice and spring training...

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