The Wirechoir Guitars Sing Again

I've mentioned before the guitar ensemble Wirechoir, fronted by Terry Carter. Got a chance this weekend to catch them again, this time not in a boomy church, but in a fine performance space in San Pedro. Alvas Showroom is attached to a music/ballet store. The showroom is a former ballet studio (and still hosts ballet performances). Lots of care went into the acoustics and sound reinforcement for this facility, so Wirechoir sounded great!

This concert featured long time LA guitarist Ron Escheté joining the ensemble. And, special for me, Willis Clow performed as part of Wirechoir during the second set.

I can't begin to describe how tight and full this group sounded. A very exciting performance, all the participants are very good, very professional on their instruments. I was especially impressed by their version of "I Surrender", which came across sounding like a Les Paul arrangement, with the five guitars simulating Les Paul's famous multitracking. Click the link to hear an MP3 of the performance (Willis takes the first solo).

Wirechoir is headed to the studio to record a formal CD (and DVD). I'll post more when the recording is available.

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Pwood said...

Thoroughly enjoyed listening to "I Surrender". Thanks for uploading. Nice job Willis.