Joshua Tree NP Redux

Back to Palm Springs for a long weekend and celebration of the Spring Equinox... and full moon! I also wanted to check out the northern section of Joshua Tree National Park, the loop from the town of Joshua Tree through the park and out to 29 Palms. First stop was the Keyes Overlook in hopes of getting the full view all the way to Mexico. No such luck... clouds building up and pollution from LA creeping into the Coachella Valley limited the view. However, focusing closer, the view from the Keyes Overlook did improve...

Then it was off for a short hike with my reluctant but intrepid hiking partner to Barker Dam. Early settlers in the area created this stone dam to provide water for stock. Now it's a refuge for birds and night time animals. A very nice short hike but, since it was a Saturday, quite crowded... Here's some pics of the dam and resulting lake.

Below the dam was an interesting construction, some sort of cistern?

Finally, a cool, bush of some sort and of some state... kinda mystical, actually...

That completes my overview of Joshua Tree NP. Next visits will require deeper hiking and/or better timing (for blooming cactus). I like this park (besides being free with my forever senior pass), and it is so convenient to Palm Springs.

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