Spy vs. Spy

Olen Steinhauer has written a couple brilliant spy novels, the best spy stuff since Le Carre. The Tourist and The Nearest Exit trace the adventures of super CIA spy Milo Weaver, and all his aliases. The plots are modern, current decade, current issues, and are quite involving. Many plot lines are each intricately developed, and, of course, interweaved into a single final conclusion. Excellent character development, even minor characters get just due. And, finally, page turning excitement. And, rage inducing... many events are appalling, with political motives (and economic control) creating situations that override any sense of human rights or justice (but reinforce many negative, and probably true, stereotypes of international secret services).

Give 'em a read, you'll enjoy them. By the way, The Tourist was sold to Hollywood, but the recent POS movie of that name, with Angela and Johnny, has nothing to do with the book.

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