Swamp Thing

Trying to walk off the intake of a zillion calories, I decided to visit the Punaho'olapa Marsh. This required another visit into the Turtle Bay jungle.

At one point, I found some very unusual trees poking out of the jungle...

And some cool flowering bushes...

Then into the swamp. The trail I followed was an old Oahu railbed... I didn't see any exotic birds (although I certainly heard them), but I did scare up a few mongoose (they were too quick for my camera). Apparently, mongoose(s) were imported to Oahu to rid the island of a rat problem. However, rats live at night, mongeese live during the day. Now there are still rats and lots of mongeese... Oh, well... now for the marsh...

Leaving the marsh, the trail took me back to the coastline. Here, a couple fishermen were having at it.

I also saw a sea turtle surface, but it dove down before I could fire up my camera.

Then it was back to the resort for the big wedding during another beautiful Hawaiian sunset.

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