More Bismarck

Unseasonably warm for 3 days in Bismarck, then the temps dropped 40 degrees! We did cruise around a little, it's a small town in most ways. Lots of bars and many quite decent restaurants. And these sites:

North Dakota has one of the few (maybe only Alaska) undomed state capitol buildings. From 1934, the current building reflects somewhat the art deco/industrial architecture of the period.

The railroads figure prominently in Bismarck commerce. From a little park along the rail lines, we found this steam engine... and a rather interestingly named church.

Downtown, there's this warning light/siren that indicates approaching weather. Storms can be severe, tornadoes are possible, and the Missouri can flood badly in the Spring as the populace learned in 2010. Local school kids learn a poem about the different indicators.

The Peacock Alley was historic but expensive ($10 beers!), but good steaks. Space Aliens had decent BBQ (very tender brisket and a fun family atmosphere... check their web site), and I got Walleye fish and chips at the Toasted Frog. But the best deal around was at the local Elks Club... $8 for a full prime rib dinner!

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