Scenes From a Road Trip

Rain affected our road trip plans as we drove back from SoCal. We bailed on Joshua Tree and headed up the El Cajon pass looking for better weather. What we found was a large billboard advertising a room and breakfast for $25 in Mesquite. A quick call to the Virgin River Casino and we had reservations.

Somewhere near Baker, the drugs kicked in... no, no... the weather broke a bit, so we decided on a pit stop for some other-world refreshments.

Saying goodbye to our new friends, we split for Vegas, and soon after entered more rain driving into Mesquite.

The rain would end by morning, but left a lot of fog in the Virgin River valleys and snow in upper elevations. We decided to take the back way into St. George, leaving the Interstate at Littlefield and proceeding past Beaver Dam and through the Paiute Reservation. This involved climbing up to a major pass where the road was a sheet of ice. Creeping around a curve at the summit, we were greeted by an amazing scene... the mountains behind the St. George area.

Descending into the St. George area, we were buried in the fog, but managed to find the road to Snow Canyon. Unfortunately, the fog was hiding this State Park, but the fog made for some interesting pics.

Finally the fog lifed, and we saw Snow Canyon in all its red rock glory.

Besides red rock, a lot of volcanic action has taken place in this area.

So while the road trip did not work out as planned, it was quite rewarding anyway. Next month, or possibly March, another road trip, hoping to find the place I want to die. Stay tuned...

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