Geezer Fest

On the heels of the Arts Fest, a group of old friends gathered up East Canyon to escape the heat and consume large quantities of attitude adjustment potions.  However, since this was the weekend preceding the 4th of July holiday, we found the highways seriously clogged, mostly by jackknifed trucks.

Soon the local authorities arrived to clear up matters, and inspire impure thoughts.

Soon we arrived at the ranch and set ourselves up for some serious partying.  For some, this was an easy task.

Others had a harder time getting it up.

And some were quite classy campers indeed (check the Nascar theme).

Camp fashion varied depending on time of day and nightime consumption.

While some of us sucked on beers, crazed youth found other adventures.

Soon a multitude of musicians gathered and the serious partying began.  Esther offered a musical benediction.

The musicians had quite a repertoire, and there were fun jam sessions with curious percussion instruments.

But this was just an afternoon prelude to the big disco party that night.

Sunday was a Bloody Mary Morning...  the bar was open early.

Some soon became Sunday slackers (a few too many beers leads to bottoming out!).

Others could not overcome their OCD, even on a Sunday.

Sunday would not be complete without some good gospel music.

And, finally, a wonderful reminder of Independence Day.

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