Prince Edward Island--Adieu...

Some final pics from PEI...  I hope to return to the island again, it is a beautiful place and I've barely explored the island's many features.

Charlottetown, the main city, has a beautiful harbor area, along with a protective fort (interesting history to this place, worthy of more research).

Along the harbor is a cool convention center, and a little local art.

Of course the city is filled with old victorian houses and beautiful churches (see previous posts in this series).

This may seem odd (I wonder why), but I found interesting traffic signals.  Since I'm color blind, horizontal lights, especially those with duplicate red lights, can mess me up a little.  But look closely at this light...  each color also has its own shape!  Great idea for those of us who are color challenged.

And there's great reasons to return to Charlottetown:

Finally, a couple "arty" shots from around the island...  First, of all things, a garage door, and then a cool old fishing shack in Georgetown.

That completes my pics from PEI.  A wonder trip, a wonder place, and really fine people.  Now if winter heating bills weren't $10,000/year....

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