Prince Edward Island Pt. 2

PEI has been called the "most beautiful place on earth"...  I'm not sure of that, but there were a couple days driving around the island that I was impressed by that statement.  About 200 miles tip to tip, around 150K people, and everything neat as a pin.

You get to the island via ferry or by crossing the Confederation Bridge (above).  Immediately you are surrounded by a very rural culture, potato farming being prominent.

Always surrounded by water, there are many Provincial parks as well as notable views of the Strait of St. Lawrence.  And lighthouses....    (it's common to have a little lighthouse in front yards, sort of like pink flamingos in the US)

We drove up to North Cape, the NW most point of PEI.  There's a large wind farm up here, and great ocean views.  (oh, and everything on the island is in French as well as English....  the Acadians maintaining their language and culture).

Note the size of this wind generator blade...  in comparison to the people...

Very rural, each farm has incredibly huge lawns, we're talking acres....  and, again, all neat as a pin (with tractors and implements all neatly lined up together...  I'm sure this is where I get my OCD gene, since my grandfather was born on PEI).

Got to be the riding lawnmower capitol of the universe!

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