Cinco de Mayo 2014--San Rafael Edition

Great weather and beautiful monoliths greeted the latest edition of our annual tequila abuse celebration.

But the site was compromised by some leftovers...  must have been a hard winter.

We revised our campsite this year...  considering the heat and sun, this was a very good idea.

Soon the women arrived.

Along with Rosemary and George, who got into the spirit of the weekend right away.

The next day we were attacked by drones...  you can run but you can't hide.  

After an initial successful flight, a protective cottonwood captured and destroyed the drone...

Back to nature...  recent rains brought out the wildflowers.

On Saturday, a couple of us decided to discover the source of the Nile, er, the San Rafael, or at least hike up the river a ways....  (the hot sun finally got to us so we never did find the oasis with nymphs bathing in the waters of eternal life).  We did see some cool formations...

We made it back for cocktail hour...  

And later we enjoyed a stir fry done up in the mega-wok...

Leaving camp at the end of the weekend, we had to pay our respects to the overall perspective of the San Rafael from the Wedge overlook...  If you look closely (click on the pic for a larger version), you can see the Mexican Mt. road leading to the campsite.  

Defying many goodbyes, and not able to get enough of each other, we spontaneously met in Castledale at the very cool Museum of the San Rafael.  Do yourself a favor and visit this wonderfully assembled tribute to one of our favorite areas of the Utah desert.

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