Memorial Day Weekend at the Ranch--Tequila Edition

Fighting rain, sleet, snow, mud, tornado (sharkanado!), earthquake, and general pandemonium, we managed to have a great time at the ranch over Memorial Day Weekend, at least until the floods washed us out.

Most of the above is a lie, of course, but Saturday's rain did create some problems, mostly with the road,  But for those of us who made it up on Friday, we spent a very pleasant evening and missed the mud.  Click on following pics for a larger image.

Animals Rescued, Animals Lost

Saturday's wet and chill was hard on lambing...  and one in particular.  Thanks to Patricia for rescuing this poor little lamb, and to Jeff for returning the lamb to the sheepherder.

Alas, we lost a beaver...  the presumption is someone shot it...  and someone may therefore get shot.

Merrily, Merrily Gently Down the Stream

It was very dry at the ranch...  no pond, no stream flow.  We hiked quite a way up the stream bed to find water.  Here's a pic of the flow, with the "stream" disappearing completely.  Where did it go?

The rain on Saturday didn't seem to help any as far as the stream was concerned.  Yet by Monday morning, praise Jesus!, we had a flowing stream and a nearly full pond!  The sacrament worked (keep going...).

Rosemary's Hair Salon and Porn Shop

Sunday was a very weird day.  That's all than can be said.  The weirdness probably started with the before breakfast tequila tasting and went very downhill from there (but we never hit rock bottom...  or did we?).

It all started with modern living with aluminum foil...  thank you Reynolds...  Amazing how easy it is to "warp" foil...  

Curlers before and after:

Then things got weird...   nice beret from an aluminum wig...

and weirder...

and obscene...

The whole sick crew...

Some dude was emasculated...  a dick on a tiki torch?

Music Restoreth the Soul

Being a Sunday, we decided to have church services...  some gospel tunes and communion.  So all gathered around...

Of course, sacrament was a bit different for this spiritual gathering...  blanco blood of Christ and nan the body.  But nicely presented!

Communion inspired community consciousness...  time to rake the now dry road so more musicians could make it to camp.

And more music arrived...

Our plaintive cries to the gods and goddesses worked!  We were greeted Monday morning with a flowing stream and a filling pond!  Halleluia!  As we all gathered to admire the water, one lonely onion peeler was left preparing breakfast.

After breakfast we discovered the empty tequila bottles...  a sign it was time to break camp and go home.  Thanks to Bill and Julie for another terrific adventure.

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