Road Trip--The Beginning

I decided to drive back to my 50th class reunion in Illinois.  I rented a Cadillac (turned out to be a low end model, but still comfortable and spunky) and bolted across Wyoming through the rain.  Only one stop, to see Abe at the highest point on I-80 (Lincoln Highway).

My first day goal was Alliance, NE...  sort of on the NW corner of Nebraska.  I did stop to see Chimney Rock (and actually was stopped, by a County Sheriff, thankfully forgiving).  Chimney Rock has significance as a landmark for the early Westward bound  pioneers...  some who didn't make it.

Finally I pulled into Alliance... kind of a funky little town that forms the western edge of sandhill country.  A cool theater, a cool fountain (forgot to see it at night with the lights), and a massive railyard.  Strange how these little burgs become major rail centers.

But Alliance is probably best known for it's true wonder of the world...  Carhenge!  There are no words that can describe the glory that is Carhenge.  My life is forever changed...

Then is was off down Rt. 2 through sandhill country, rolling hills, quite lush with vegetation, and following the rail lines with coal trains from Wyoming every 15 minutes.  Tons of coal!  150 long trains a day!  Hauling into the midwest for power and industry...  what a carbon footprint!

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